3 Reasons to Sell During the Holidays

Welcome back! The holidays are here and that always brings the question whether now is a good time to sell or not. The answer is it is absolutely a great time to sell. 

There are actually three great reasons why you should sell during the holidays.
  1. Buyers are more serious - The buyers that are looking during the holidays are have-to-buy buyers. We find most people who are relocating for jobs look during the holidays.
  2. There’s lower inventory - Because so many people believe the misconception that now is the wrong time to sell, it means there is less competition for you and that means a higher price for you.
  3. Homes look great - Who doesn’t love holiday lights and decorations? The buyer often can become emotional when seeing homes like this.
These are three great reasons why you should list your home now. So give me a call and we can get started marketing!

Thanks for watching!