3 Tips to Properly Price Your Home

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Welcome back to my video blog. Having a good price is one of the most important parts in getting your home sold. With a higher inventory and less transactions happening, now more than ever it is important to price correctly. I have three tips on how we choose the best price for your home.
  1. The internet is a major tool in real estate - While it hasn't replaced the need for a real estate agent, it has become a huge part of marketing. Most buyers start their search online and they search by using price increments. If you price your home too high you are eliminating a huge amount of potential buyers. It's better to cast a larger net to get more exposure.
  2. How does your home compare - Finding the right price is also about your competition. We look at the recent sales, current pending  and similar homes listed in the MLS. It's important that we price your home aggressively.
  3. Make your home stand out - It's better to list your home lower than higher. You might think this will lose you money. It's actually the opposite. When a great home is priced low, lots of buyers are attracted to it which creates a bidding war. Often times you end up getting more than you asked for. If you price your home too high though, you may have to reduce your price just to get buyers interested.
I hope you found these three pointers helpful. If you would like our help in pricing your home, please give us a call!