Promising 2014 Atlanta Real Estate Update for Buyers and Sellers

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Hello, and welcome back to my bi-weekly video blog about real estate in the Atlanta area. Today I will be giving you a market update for 2014 and give you a little taste of what is to come in 2014.

As you probably know, 2013 was a very strong year for real estate in Atlanta, as well as most other real estate markets across the country. Some neighborhoods in Atlanta experienced larger gains than others, but real estate is driven by location, so appreciation will differ depending on what area you're working in.

What Sellers Can Expect...

There is a very low inventory right now, which means that you will have much less competition from other sellers and also more buyers competing to buy your own property. This will bring you higher value for your home. If you are staged properly and priced strategically, then you should do quite well in our current market.

  • Notice how I said 'priced strategically'. This doesn't mean that you need to price your home very low or very high. We have a strategic method for pricing that pushes the envelope but doesn't break it. The result is a great price for your home. If you're interested, we would love to share with you how we price our properties in that way.

What Buyers Should Look For...

A low inventory can be a challenge because it means less homes and more competition. Luckily, our team here doesn't just search the MLS to find properties that are for sale. We can contact sellers who have not yet listed their homes, and we also communicate with people who were thinking of selling their homes, but just weren't sure if it was the correct time to do so.

We like to think of ourselves as home hunters because we like to find great homes for our clients that wouldn't ordinarily be found by a traditional search. We're here to work for you and find you a good home for a great price.

As always, contact me for any assistance that you require. I can be reached at (678) 428-5841 or email me at


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