Selling Your Home While Buying a New One in the Atlanta Area

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I get asked all the time when the best time to sell is in relation to buying a new home. Do you sell before, during or after you find your next home? There's three different approaches.
  1. You can list your home and put in a contingent offer for another - What does this mean? You are making an offer that says you will purchase their home as long as you sell yours. The problem is this contingency will have a 'kick out'. If the seller finds another buyer to make an offer, you will have a certain amount of time to either withdraw your offer or move forward. If you can't sell your home in time, you can lose out on that perfect home.
  2. You can make a non contingent offer on a home if you are able to obtain a home loan without selling your current - The risk is you may then be stuck with two mortgages. What if for some reason the market takes a down spiral and your home doesn't sell?
  3. The best way, in my opinion, is to wait until your current home is under contract and then place an offer on another home - This way the purchase of your new home is only continent on closing.
If you have any questions about buying or selling, or any other real estate advice, please give me a call today. Thanks for watching!


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