Home Inspections Protect Your Finances and Your Family

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As part of my bi-weekly updates for you, I'm here with Hank Spinnler from Harmony Home Inspections. This was brought to my mind the other day on the news when I saw that a deck had collapsed and significantly injured some people that were on it. Hank knows home inspections from top to bottom, but we're going to discuss decks for a moment, as they are rather common in the Atlanta area.

Decks are only one component of a home, but they are important components because they can function as major selling points. However, safety is paramount to deck construction and maintenance. Decks are sometimes a large focus of home inspections when dealing with the exterior of a property. There had been a huge gray area in regards to deck construction in Georgia until just this last year when construction codes were altered to add a deck construction guide to the list of codes.

Flashing is an important inspection for decks that prevents moisture from building up in your deck. It occurs when moisture builds up in between the deck itself and the area where it is attached to the home. This could lead to wood rot and eventually a collapse.

For years, Georgia has been very lax on construction codes and the law does allow for contractors with only a few years worth of experience to come and build your deck. This could put you in a very bad scenario, so if you are unsure about how your deck was built or by who, give Hank a call and he would be glad to come make sure you and your family are not standing on top of a potential disaster.

Home inspections not only protect you financially, but they will be protecting your family and any other guests who enter your home. If you want to get in touch with Hank for an inspection, you can reach him at 770-235-5793 or email him at InspectorsATL@gmail.com or visit www.harmonyinspection.com


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