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Today I have Scott Murphy from D.S. Murphy & Associates with me and we're going to be talking about appraisals and what point in time you should choose to sell this year in Atlanta.

With new construction heating up, now may be the time to make your move into a new property. Also, inventory is very low here in Atlanta so this is one more reason you should be starting to look for homes right now, rather than in the middle of a busy spring / summer market. You should also know that this new construction is going to take time, because builders are struggling to get materials. They don't have the endless amounts of capital that they used to have.

This spring, Scott expects resale properties to drive the market. If you're thinking about reselling, now would be a window of opportunity for you because the new construction will be done in a few months, and that will bring a lot more competition to the market. When these new builds hit the market, they will also bring resale homes' values way down.

Often times when new construction is competing with resale properties, the resale properties' home values can take a hit as large as 20-30%. When compared with a brand new home, these resale properties just don't stand up against them.

Scott actually sits on the Board of Appraisers, and he says that when compared with new homes, resale properties will often lose value. Currently, homes on the market will be compared alongside other resales, so their values will not take a hit until the new builds are complete. However, there are disadvantages to new builds, like having construction going on across the street and dump trucks going up and down your street.

The point is that new construction will certainly take some of your buyer pool away, so now is a great time to sell in Atlanta while this construction is still ongoing for the next year. The window is closing fast, though, so be sure to make your decision now to get it marketed and sold for top dollar.

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