Deal-Breakers to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Today I have Cal Couch with me from Trademark Home Inspection and Trademark Pest Control. We're going to be speaking about things that seem to be popping up again and again in our local market here in Atlanta.

One thing that Cal has seen a lot lately that can actually make or break a deal is when sellers aren't cautious about filling out their seller disclosure statement in regard to termites. We recommend that you have your home checked for termites before you put your home on the market. Cal can offer a free pre-inspection on your home. Termite treatments are much less expensive than they used to be, so don't skip this important step. 

On the home inspection side, a lot of lenders are currently concerned about plumbing and electrical wiring being damaged by birds and rodents. These issues take longer to deal with and are more costly than termite inspections.

Another issue we've been dealing with has to do with people's roofs. In the 1990's a product called Atlas Chalet and CertainTeed were put on hundreds of roofs in Atlanta. These products have been damaging roofs and ruining home sales for people across the city, but luckily Cal knows a specialist who's been successful in getting nearly 70% of people's money back who had these defective products in their roof. Ask Cal for the name of this specialist, because he works directly with the company to cover the costs of the defective roofing. 

As always, if you have any questions about these topics you can contact either Cal or myself. We're always happy to assist you!