How Can You Improve Your Insurance Coverage?

Hey there everyone, welcome back. Today we are here with Lindsey Metzger, one of our preferred insurance providers, to talk a little bit about herself and how she works with us to get you the best insurance coverage possible. 

Lindsey works for American Family Insurance, and she can help you with all of your home, auto, and life insurance policies. She also sells both commercial and investment property insurance. 

What makes Lindsey and her team different from the rest is that with them, you have an actual agent assigned to your account, not just a 1-800 number. They will walk you through the entire claims process and treat you as they would like to be treated as customers. 

If you are an investor, Lindsey, and her team offer a special bonus. No matter how many investment properties you own, you can put them all under one policy. So if something happens to one of your properties, you won't have to pay 5 deductibles like you do with some companies. American Family Insurance only requires you to pay one deductible if all of your properties are all under the same policy. 

Lindsey gives outstanding service, and we love doing business with her. If you'd like to reach her, give her a call at (470) 202-7315. If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call at (678) 428-5841 or send us an email at Talk to you soon!