How We Impressed Kathy Advertising Her Home to Sell

Tell me about your experience working with Lorie Gould.

"I was very impressed with the advertising, the professional pictures, the video. In fact the buyers at the closing table made a comment of how well it was done. When they found the house, they were forwarding it to family members to give them their opinion. I think that really helped as far as for the buyers and I think other people too. I looked at it myself, and I was very impressed. I guess most of all, I was impressed with the administrative assistant, Taylor, she was wonderful."

How to Organize Your Home Before a Showing

I recently found a good video on HGTV that I thought would be helpful to you if you're preparing to sell your home. It's essential that when you show your home to buyers, it's clean, organized, and decluttered. You'll want to empty out your closets, or at the very least, get them organized.

One thing you can do to get organized is put up shoe hangers in your doors, and store everyday items inside them such as cleaning supplies, utensils, or anything else that you can fit in them.

Another way to cut down on clutter is to use labels, or pick up storage bins to keep items like cords or wires in.

A tip for organizing your closet is to divide your clothes into four different sections: hang, sell, donate, keep, and fold. Once you have something marked out for every category, you can then organize your closet in any way you see fit. Here's an extra tip: you can use belt hangers to hang your necklaces and other jewelry.

I just thought this video would be useful for organizing your home, whether you're selling or if you just want to tidy up a bit.

If you need any assistance with staging, decluttering, or selling, please don't hesitate to contact me!