Listen to what Alysia was impressed with while working with us!

Tell me about your experience working with Lorie Gould.
"My husband and I were very pleased with the service of Lorie and her entire team. The follow up was outstanding. We had a long initial meeting. She told us all of the pros and cons about the neighborhood, the market at the time. It was a very scientific approach, and we thought it was very well researched. What she recommended worked.
Our situation with our home is we were in a very nice North Fulton neighborhood in the most desirable school district, and our house had been on the market for quite some time. We had a sloped driveway and if anybody knows anything about North Fulton, you either have a steep front yard or a steep backyard. It's very hilly. Her marketing approach and how she communicated the positives about our house really made a difference. Plus we had it priced correctly.
I think for my husband and I the thing that really sets Lorie apart is that she was able to use very scientific information about the market trends and the competition in our particular price range. It was helpful to us because prior to dealing with Lorie, we felt like what we were getting was just a bunch of opinions. She had a very thorough professional opinion, but she also backed it up with facts. That was helpful for us."